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Tragus | Cartilage | Daith | Conch

The tragus piercing jewellery is a list of jewellery designed specifically for the tragus. Due to this delicacy of the tragus, we have chosen the jewellery that is as small and delicate as the area itself.

The cartilage (Helix) jewellery collection is all the pieces of jewellery that we think would suit that part of the ear. The cartilage jewellery will definitely provide you with something that will show off your originality and uniqueness.

The conch piercing jewellery collection is a very specific collection curated just for you. You can choose from hoops or studs, both of which will make the centre of your ears stand out.

Daith and Rook piercings jewellery is Trendy.  Glitters offers a wide range of Daith and Rook piercings jewellery at competitive prices.