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14 Gauge Invisible Clear Tongue/Nipple Barbell Retainers

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This 14 Gauge Clear Barbell Retainer is crafted from Bioflex and designed to blend in perfectly with your Tongue and Nipple piercings.
Ideal for work and school, it ensures perfect concealment of Tongue and Nipple piercings.
With its 16mm length and 5mm ball size, this retainer provides reliable and comfortable body adornment.

    • Material:  Bioflex.
    • Thickness: 14 Gauge - 1.6mm.
    • Length: 16mm.
    • Ball Size: 5mm

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14 Gauge Invisible Clear Tongue/Nipple Barbell Retainers-Bio Flex, Body Piercing Jewellery, Invisible, Nipple Barbell, Retainer, Tongue Bar-TR0004_01-Glitters
14 Gauge Invisible Clear Tongue/Nipple Barbell Retainers Sale price$8.00 USD

Customer Reviews

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Riki D.
Safety first.

I've had two stainless barbells in my tongue for 20 years, and bitten the metal ball with my teeth multiple times (thankfully no chipped or broken teeth). I didn't know plastic barbells were a thing until recently, so was very happy to see these available.
Relatively easy to install, just need to be careful not to cross-thread the ball when screwing it on.
The 16mm length is fine for the front tongue piercing, but a bit short for the back one in the middle of tongue, but couldn't find any other sizes.


Great retainers - easy to insert, thank you!


14 Gauge Invisible Clear Tongue/Nipple Barbell Retainers